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International Cat Video Fans L -R : Monica Trent ; Eliana Konechne Redfield; Mira Silverthorn;  Deborah Konechne

TWISP | This Week In Saint Paul: Monday, August 17th - Sunday, August 23rd 2015

Hello, readers. I have nothing to say. I am speechless, mostly because I heard that many of you were watching cat videos on your own instead of the safer option of watching them in public at CHS Field. As I write, I will have to fight through the disappointment to deliver this week’s events.


TWISP | This Week In Saint Paul: Monday, August 10th - Sunday, August 16th 2015

I am thinking of all the stories that have been created this summer. I am thinking of the ones that Storymobile collected at last week’s Little Mekong Night Market, or ones we will celebrate with next month’s Almanac Book Release Party at the Black Dog, or the ones we will create in the sun, rain and thunder of the next few weeks before the State Fair shifts our consciousness to whatever our modern urban version of harvest looks like.



Celebrating Ten Years of the Saint Paul Almanac!

Saint Paul Almanac celebrates its first decade with a grand book release party for its new literary collection, Saint Paul Almanac: A Ten-Year Retrospective. (Aug. 5, 2015) SAINT PAUL—The Saint Paul Almanac will celebrate its first decade of annual publications in its yearly book release party on Thursday, September 10, at the Black Dog Coffee and […]

Illustrations © Leann E . Johnson/lea-way.com

Old Rondo

we were Ferris
wheel watchers
firefly fighters
dollar store cap gun
cops and
Sunday creased collars
private school scholars
giving the church basket
the dollars our mothers
slipped into our pockets
seconds before.

Ferdinand Uebel, 1950 
Courtesy Minnesota Historical Society

Going to the Library

Early on, my library card was one of my most precious possessions. This small piece of heavy card stock, about three by four inches, was my passport to the adventure of other worlds, and also to my own adventures.

© Clifford M. Renshaw/Minnesota Historical SocietyThe Angus Hotel at 165 North Western Avenue, 1971.

Selby Avenue, 1970

As a teenager I drove grain trucks, pickup trucks, and Massey Ferguson tractors for farmers in the Red River Valley. I hauled oats, corn, and soybeans and drove alongside combines as wheat poured into truck beds. I plowed fields and threw straw bales. While not an idyllic life by any means, it was a life of sunshine and even golder harvest moons.